The first film I have been involved with is Bruce Willis' ‘Die Hard 4’, released in 2007. The process by which this came about was unusual. I wrote an article for ‘Wired’ magazine about information warfare, which means war by computer, when I was working for the Independent in Washington, in 1997. Four or five months after publication a man identifying himself as a producer for Twentieth Century Fox said he wanted to buy the rights to my article. Flabbergasted, I collected myself sufficiently to say that I had to talk to my agent. I then found and agent and a little later a deal was made. A screenrwiter came out to see me in Washington and a couple of years later a script was written for a film to be titled WW3.COM. More time passed and a director was found, Luc Besson, the Frenchman who’d made Nikita and the Fifth Element, among other terrific action films. But then September 11 happened and making such a film seemed woefully inappropriate. The project was ditched, only to resurface six years later as the all-action ‘Die Hard 4’. There was some similarity to my initial article but, as a New York Times reviewer wryly pointed out, what the film patently did not do was honour the spirit of the article’s title, ‘Farewell to Arms’

Wired Article

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